Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everything happens for a reason. :)

When I sit and think about how its been almost 6 without my dad being in my life its strange. He has missed so much, proms, ballgames, my salvation and so much more. Soon he will also be missing my graduation. I just sometimes wish that he cared enough to show up and act like the man he should be and not like a child.
My uncle a few weeks ago asked me if I wanted him to find my dad for me so I could see him. My response was simple: "He made me suffer for years, he is now suffering by not seeing me."
I wish my dad was active in my life but there are good things that come out of my mom meeting the amazing man in her life now, Kyle! :) He is so good to my mom and me and Parker. We all love him so much!
I pray daily for my attitude towards my dad, its hard to love and forgive someone that treated you, and your mom bad.
I do also miss my wonderful hometown of Albany Georgia. (Picture below) But this summer me, mom and Parker may be taking a trip down there to do all the things I have wanted to do but never had the chance to because of my dad. I love being in Albany, the smell of fresh peaches, pine trees, hot sun, walking outside barefoot on pine needles and pecans. I love that amazing place.

Theres a reason that my parents got a divorce, I see that reason now. It has brought me and mom SO MUCH closer. Mom met Kyle and I have amazing friends here in Campbellsville!
My next step in life is college and starting a career and wherever life takes me its because everything happens for a reason.
Love you guys!

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