Monday, May 9, 2011

Life Couldn't Better

As you all have probably heard I do have a boyfriend. I know I have been talking so long about how happy I am being single but now that I have a boyfriend I couldn't be happier!! Nathan is exactly what I have been looking for, he is funny, nice, caring, and has a wonderful personality! He is also an amazing Christian guy! I am actually going to church with him this Wednesday! I am so excited! He has already met my mom and so far so loves him!! I am going to meet his family when I go to church with them! His mom has been talking to me alot on facebook and she seems SO sweet.
My best friend Meredith recently broke up with her boyfriend and the same day that she told me that Nathan's friend asked if I could bring him a friend of mine to hang with him, so I brought her along, now they are talking and doing great also!
Its AMAZING how God can bring you to someone so amazing after all the losers you were with before! Nathan is just the guy I have been looking for! He will soon get to meet my extended family at my graduation party, I know they will love him!! (Heres a picture of us 4: Roger Berry, Meredith Alexander, Nathan Berry and me!!)

I want to thank all of you that have been praying for me through all this end-of-the-year stress, its gettting worse and worse but there is major light at the end of this tunnel and I can't wait!
We have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week at school. Then a senior skip day Friday. Prom saturday. School Monday. No school Tuesday. School Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. School Monday and Tuesday then Graduation practice the rest of the week and Graduation on the 27th.
I am working on invitations as I type. Thats a big load of stress gone, FINALLY!! Now I have 2 projects due soon as finals and I will be outta that school!!

Love you guys

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In exactly 10 days I will be on my way to New York City!! I'm so excited I cant wait! From everyone that I talked to they said that it is a trip of a lifetime!! Its going to be so exciting!!
Also last weekend was Tiger roundup at campbellsville University and I met so many awesome people that are coming here for school :) I cant wait to see them again :)

The other day there was a wreck that involved some teenagers in my town. One boy was a Senior at Green County High School, he was pronounced dead at the scene. If you guys could please pray for his family it would be greatly appreciated. The girl driving that car is still in Louisville at the hospital in critical condition, she doesn't know her own boyfriend is dead yet and her son turned 2 today. The other car was driven by a girl in my grade. She was treated and is back home now. All 3 of these families need prayer. Its hard to believe that someone my age was really makes me realize how much I take life for granted sometimes and how I overreact with some things I need to realize that there are worse things going on in the world.

Also to all of my family, Graduation is set for May 27th :) we will be sending out invites soon :)

Love you guys!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


 Spring Break is so close its the first week of April!! I can't wait! I do wish I was in college now though cause I would be laying on the beach right now!! haha Me and my friend April decided that we want to go to the beach next year!! Just have fun with each other and have an amazing time and each bring a friend! We could go out to eat once or twice and just lay out on the beach ALL DAY :)
This year for SPRING BREAK I will be doing what I did last year and loved it! Me and my friend Christen just went out to the lake everyday and laid out and that's it!! Didn't spend any money just stayed out there then went to someones house to watch a movie! It's awesome!!
I hope you all have an amazing SPRING BREAK and have the time of your lives, a lot of my college friends are in Florida right now and LOVE it!! It gets me so excited!!
The week after SPRING BREAK I am going to NEW YORK CITY!! I am so excited for this!! Then the next month I have prom!! Then GRADUATION!!! I seriously can not wait!! haha

love you guys:)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prove EVERYONE wrong!! :)

Today started day one of:
I have been talking about losing weight before college and a lot of people have said that I either can't do it or that it won't change that much. But i have going to prove everyone wrong. I want to start college with a clean slate!! I also am NOT going to gain the alleged "freshman 15."
Working out daily is going to suck, running for 30 minutes, pilates for 15 and abs for 15...gonna suck.
The while time I'm working out I gotta think about that I will be skinny after I get done doing it!!
Something awesome coming up in my life is Senior Trip!! We are going to New York City  we are going the second week of April :) So excited!! School is flying now!! I feel like i have something every weekend!! :) As long as its getting me closer to graduating I'm fine!! :)

Love you guys
God Bless

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everything happens for a reason. :)

When I sit and think about how its been almost 6 without my dad being in my life its strange. He has missed so much, proms, ballgames, my salvation and so much more. Soon he will also be missing my graduation. I just sometimes wish that he cared enough to show up and act like the man he should be and not like a child.
My uncle a few weeks ago asked me if I wanted him to find my dad for me so I could see him. My response was simple: "He made me suffer for years, he is now suffering by not seeing me."
I wish my dad was active in my life but there are good things that come out of my mom meeting the amazing man in her life now, Kyle! :) He is so good to my mom and me and Parker. We all love him so much!
I pray daily for my attitude towards my dad, its hard to love and forgive someone that treated you, and your mom bad.
I do also miss my wonderful hometown of Albany Georgia. (Picture below) But this summer me, mom and Parker may be taking a trip down there to do all the things I have wanted to do but never had the chance to because of my dad. I love being in Albany, the smell of fresh peaches, pine trees, hot sun, walking outside barefoot on pine needles and pecans. I love that amazing place.

Theres a reason that my parents got a divorce, I see that reason now. It has brought me and mom SO MUCH closer. Mom met Kyle and I have amazing friends here in Campbellsville!
My next step in life is college and starting a career and wherever life takes me its because everything happens for a reason.
Love you guys!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just got back from serving some meals at Chrysalis flight #23! It was just for boys this weekend and they all had an amazing time!!
The first night after one talk they had 19 salvations, God is so good! Then by Sunday morning they had a total of 22. It was so awesome to see the guys attitude change from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, they were so different!! I loved watching them change :)
One of the decisions were one of my ex-boyfriends, as soon as he came home he asked if we could be friends again. I made a decision to be friends with him AND his girlfriend!!
She was telling me how she wants to get closer to God. I am going to help her. Shes gonna try to go to church with me as much as she can :) Then in a couple of weeks on March 12th im going to Winter Jam, a one night Christian concert and she is going to go!! :) I am so happy.
I would love if everyone could please send up some prayers for them both.
Love you guys!!
Lainey :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Boys come and go but friends will always be there for you :)

This is my BEST FRIEND April. We met in the most random way ever!! We both participated in Junior Miss. I didn't like her at first, but now we are best friends. I love how God brings people in your life for the perfect reasons.
I hang out with April all the time and love her so much!! She has helped me to realize how bad of choices I made with boyfriends. I also know that no matter what shes gonna be there for me no matter what! That's what I love about friends, no matter what boys come and go but friends will always be there for you :)
 Like tonight instead of sitting around the house moping about how I don't have a boyfriend I am hanging out with April and a bunch of other friends to watch movies! :) Then I am going to Aprils to stay the night.
If you are single and you just sit around all day alone saying "I'm so lonely!! I hate life" its because you aren't making your life fun! You have to get out and have fun with your friends!
Be a best friend
Tell the truth
Overuse I love you 
I love this song called "Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice. I live these words daily! :) 

This weekend is the guys Chrysalis and I am going to be serving lunch and dinner this weekend out at the campground. I am so excited!! Please be praying for the guys and workers attending this flight! :)
God Bless, love you guys!! :)