Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prove EVERYONE wrong!! :)

Today started day one of:
I have been talking about losing weight before college and a lot of people have said that I either can't do it or that it won't change that much. But i have going to prove everyone wrong. I want to start college with a clean slate!! I also am NOT going to gain the alleged "freshman 15."
Working out daily is going to suck, running for 30 minutes, pilates for 15 and abs for 15...gonna suck.
The while time I'm working out I gotta think about that I will be skinny after I get done doing it!!
Something awesome coming up in my life is Senior Trip!! We are going to New York City  we are going the second week of April :) So excited!! School is flying now!! I feel like i have something every weekend!! :) As long as its getting me closer to graduating I'm fine!! :)

Love you guys
God Bless

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