Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just got back from serving some meals at Chrysalis flight #23! It was just for boys this weekend and they all had an amazing time!!
The first night after one talk they had 19 salvations, God is so good! Then by Sunday morning they had a total of 22. It was so awesome to see the guys attitude change from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, they were so different!! I loved watching them change :)
One of the decisions were one of my ex-boyfriends, as soon as he came home he asked if we could be friends again. I made a decision to be friends with him AND his girlfriend!!
She was telling me how she wants to get closer to God. I am going to help her. Shes gonna try to go to church with me as much as she can :) Then in a couple of weeks on March 12th im going to Winter Jam, a one night Christian concert and she is going to go!! :) I am so happy.
I would love if everyone could please send up some prayers for them both.
Love you guys!!
Lainey :)

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