Friday, February 18, 2011

Boys come and go but friends will always be there for you :)

This is my BEST FRIEND April. We met in the most random way ever!! We both participated in Junior Miss. I didn't like her at first, but now we are best friends. I love how God brings people in your life for the perfect reasons.
I hang out with April all the time and love her so much!! She has helped me to realize how bad of choices I made with boyfriends. I also know that no matter what shes gonna be there for me no matter what! That's what I love about friends, no matter what boys come and go but friends will always be there for you :)
 Like tonight instead of sitting around the house moping about how I don't have a boyfriend I am hanging out with April and a bunch of other friends to watch movies! :) Then I am going to Aprils to stay the night.
If you are single and you just sit around all day alone saying "I'm so lonely!! I hate life" its because you aren't making your life fun! You have to get out and have fun with your friends!
Be a best friend
Tell the truth
Overuse I love you 
I love this song called "Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice. I live these words daily! :) 

This weekend is the guys Chrysalis and I am going to be serving lunch and dinner this weekend out at the campground. I am so excited!! Please be praying for the guys and workers attending this flight! :)
God Bless, love you guys!! :)

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