Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines stinks.

Unless you live under a rock you know that VALENTINES DAY is Monday. Wooo!!! NOT! I have always hated Valentines Day. From Elementary school I never recieved a Valentine from the boy I liked. Then in middle school when I had my first boyfriend he got me disgusting chocolate from Dollar Tree and a fake you too honey! Now in High school, me and my boyfriend sophomore year broke up the Monday before Valentines Day. I burned his pictures, no lie. I kind of regret it though, cause now I cant show my children my first offcial boyfriend. Oh well!! ;) Then last year my boyfriend bought me this UGLY stuffed monkey that sheds pink fur! AWESOME!! Not :/ So I have never really been a fan of Valentines Day, I know I probably won't until I have one of those AMAZING romance movie status boyfriend that buys me one of those HUGE teddy bears that cost like $20.00 :) 
Another reason I hate this horrid holiday is because the years that I dont have a boyfriend for Valentines Day I feel like everyone else does. But this year again I am single, oddly enough I'm happy with it. I see everyday on Facebook couples are breaking up. So single is the new black :) I find being single so much more fun and easier! I don't have ANYONE to impress, my schedule is clear (minus work and school), I can save my money for me or college, I don't have to get all dressed up on a Saturday night and go on a date to some lame resturaunt. 
Now onto the picture at the top. This is how I enjoy spending my weekends, going out to eat with 10 or 15 of my friends and go bowling and walk around Wal-Mart. I love being with my friends more than I would with some dumb boy.
Don't get me wrong I do sometimes wish I had a boyfriend and do want one but not now. I'm 17 and single and LOVING IT!! I am going through my "trying to love myself" stage. Because how can you love someone else if you can't love yourself? Think about it :) 
 Wise words from my friend:
"God won't bring you a guy until you realize that God's love is better than any earthly guys love"
I will always remember these words, yes its hard to be patient but pray to God for that patientence to bring you that guy.
"Do not worry about anything but in everything through prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God."
Phillippians 4:6
Love you guys:)

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