Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time is FLYING!!

I felt like just yesterday I was starting high school. But tonight was the last high school basketball game for me, except districts and regional. Its sad to think that I only have 3 months left of high school. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be going to college but its weird to think that I have been with these people for 12 years and now I probably won't ever see most of them again.
Even though I am sad I am SO excited to be in college!! Meeting new people, learning new things and being on my own. Its going to be so different but so life changing! I just wish I could get away from immature people that are in high school, too bad they are still there at college! I will need ALOT of strength from God. I will need God's strength for everyday in college.
That's what growing up is all about!! I have been hanging out with my college friends lately and totally understanding how amazing it will be! I am going to miss home alot, just thankfully i can come home whenever I want! :) Whenever some guy will want to ruin my happiness I will come running back to my mommy! :)
Never let guys put you down, if they do, God will lift you up! :)
Love you guys,

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