Monday, May 9, 2011

Life Couldn't Better

As you all have probably heard I do have a boyfriend. I know I have been talking so long about how happy I am being single but now that I have a boyfriend I couldn't be happier!! Nathan is exactly what I have been looking for, he is funny, nice, caring, and has a wonderful personality! He is also an amazing Christian guy! I am actually going to church with him this Wednesday! I am so excited! He has already met my mom and so far so loves him!! I am going to meet his family when I go to church with them! His mom has been talking to me alot on facebook and she seems SO sweet.
My best friend Meredith recently broke up with her boyfriend and the same day that she told me that Nathan's friend asked if I could bring him a friend of mine to hang with him, so I brought her along, now they are talking and doing great also!
Its AMAZING how God can bring you to someone so amazing after all the losers you were with before! Nathan is just the guy I have been looking for! He will soon get to meet my extended family at my graduation party, I know they will love him!! (Heres a picture of us 4: Roger Berry, Meredith Alexander, Nathan Berry and me!!)

I want to thank all of you that have been praying for me through all this end-of-the-year stress, its gettting worse and worse but there is major light at the end of this tunnel and I can't wait!
We have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week at school. Then a senior skip day Friday. Prom saturday. School Monday. No school Tuesday. School Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. School Monday and Tuesday then Graduation practice the rest of the week and Graduation on the 27th.
I am working on invitations as I type. Thats a big load of stress gone, FINALLY!! Now I have 2 projects due soon as finals and I will be outta that school!!

Love you guys

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