Monday, March 14, 2011


 Spring Break is so close its the first week of April!! I can't wait! I do wish I was in college now though cause I would be laying on the beach right now!! haha Me and my friend April decided that we want to go to the beach next year!! Just have fun with each other and have an amazing time and each bring a friend! We could go out to eat once or twice and just lay out on the beach ALL DAY :)
This year for SPRING BREAK I will be doing what I did last year and loved it! Me and my friend Christen just went out to the lake everyday and laid out and that's it!! Didn't spend any money just stayed out there then went to someones house to watch a movie! It's awesome!!
I hope you all have an amazing SPRING BREAK and have the time of your lives, a lot of my college friends are in Florida right now and LOVE it!! It gets me so excited!!
The week after SPRING BREAK I am going to NEW YORK CITY!! I am so excited for this!! Then the next month I have prom!! Then GRADUATION!!! I seriously can not wait!! haha

love you guys:)

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  1. Lainey I like your blog I think you have a teen audience. I am putting it as a link on my blog maybe someone will past by and find you there keep up the good work... it SPEAKS!!!