Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In exactly 10 days I will be on my way to New York City!! I'm so excited I cant wait! From everyone that I talked to they said that it is a trip of a lifetime!! Its going to be so exciting!!
Also last weekend was Tiger roundup at campbellsville University and I met so many awesome people that are coming here for school :) I cant wait to see them again :)

The other day there was a wreck that involved some teenagers in my town. One boy was a Senior at Green County High School, he was pronounced dead at the scene. If you guys could please pray for his family it would be greatly appreciated. The girl driving that car is still in Louisville at the hospital in critical condition, she doesn't know her own boyfriend is dead yet and her son turned 2 today. The other car was driven by a girl in my grade. She was treated and is back home now. All 3 of these families need prayer. Its hard to believe that someone my age was really makes me realize how much I take life for granted sometimes and how I overreact with some things I need to realize that there are worse things going on in the world.

Also to all of my family, Graduation is set for May 27th :) we will be sending out invites soon :)

Love you guys!!

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